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The email address for sending either camera ready artwork or changes is  We can fulfill your artwork needs in two ways. You can either send your camera ready artwork to us via email as a .pdf file or we can typeset or re-typeset the form for you.  Below is listed some helpful hints on how we can help each other to make your artwork the best it can be.


1.  If your logo is 2 color we need to have it in 2 spot colors (i.e., illustrator, .eps, or .pdf) -- NOT CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black).

2. We CANNOT make major changes to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel files.  This is due to font and page setup issues (see the PrePress/Digital Artwork section for further details regarding Microsoft Word & Excel file.)

3. When we are working with a previous .pdf we will "cover" the original art and insert your changes over that.  When you see this on your screen it may appear different (i.e. bolder, wider, thinner, etc.) than when printed.  Please print (or have your customer print) any .pdf's that we send you so you can see how the art will look when printed.  If you still have issues please contact the typesetting department and we will try to help you to figure out what is going on and try to resolve the issue.

4. If the form we are typesetting for you is an "alignment critical" form (meaning it will go through a printer and must print at certain points) we MUST know if advance.  This is critical when setting your form.  We would appreciate either a hard copy to show us alignment or 2 points of reference from the forms (i.e. Line 1 prints at 1.25" & Signature Line prints at 10") for printing and would prefer to send you a hard copy proof in the mail to assure alignment.


PrePress/Digital Artwork

We only accept files saved in .pdf format in order to reduce font conflicts and other issues.  A .pdf is a file format that converts all fonts, graphics, text and any other info needed to display the file into a "suitcase" to carry everything to any computer without conflicts. It is important to create your .pdf as a black and white file only.  Saving in grayscale, composite or CMYK will result in file bitmapping.  We are NOT responsible for any errors in artwork that has come via email for any reason including, but not limited to: file corruption, font issues or computer/printer conflicts.


Proofs are available for emailed .pdf artwork for a charge of $5.00. We are essentially going to be sending you the .pdf that you sent to us.  Your purchase order MUST specify that you want this proof and are aware of the charge.  Orders that are valued over $500.00 require a proof at no charge.




If you need a program to create a .pdf on your own you can download Primo PDF. It is a free .pdf creator. Here are instructions on installing Primo PDF.  If you are not sure how to create a .pdf from the program you can follow these instructions for help.  If you are still having issues with creating your .pdf please feel free to call the PrePress/Typesetting Department for assistance.

Sometimes customers are unsure of the size of the form for the .pdf supplied to them by their customer, an easy way to distinguish the size of the .pdf is to open the.pdf and then move your cursor to the bottom left of the screen, the size of the .pdf will be displayed there.

We CANNOT use .pdf files that are password protected. If you are not sure if a .pdf is password protected you can look at the top of the opened document if it says (SECURED) aftger the file name (see pic) then it is password protected.  If you find that your file is password protected you will either need to remove the security or send us the password to open the file.

When sending your digital artwork please send it as the correct final size with no borders and as spot colors.  We use offset printing presses when we print, due to this fact we need to give the artwork to our press operators as a single color per plate.

Word/Excel Files

We can accept Word or Excel files but we need to convert them to .pdf files.  There is a $5 charge for converting these files to .pdfs. We must also send you a proof to be approved before proceeding with the order.  These guidelines are in place due to the fact that Microsoft's programs Word and Excel do not embed the fonts as part of the art file, but rely instead on the fonts on each computer that the form is opened on.  There can be problems with missing fonts being substituted.  Additionally, each computer can open Word or Excel files so they appear differently depending on the user's preferences and settings, which can drastically change the appearance of the form.  All of this happens without any kind of warning.  There aren't messages that pop up to tell you something has changed.  The form can look very different on each computer it is opened on so it is always best with Word and Excel files to have the original creator convert them into .pdfs.  This way the art stays the way the creator intended as .pdfs do not change from computer to computer.

Camera Ready Artwork

In order to keep our prices competitive we print 90% or our carbonless and cut sheet orders multiple up on 11x17.  When possible, If sending hard copy artwork please send enough camera ready copies (CRC's) or samples to set multiple up on 11x17 (i.e. 8.5x11-2up; 8.5x5.5-4up, etc.) Provide artwork 4up for 4.25x5.5 or 4.25x7 and 2up for 8.5x7 when possible.  If enough CRC's or samples are not available we will make copies of your provided art ot set multiple up.  This reduces the quality slightly but it is not usually noticeable unless there are fine screens on the form.  Black and white originals or clean samples are considered camera ready artwork.  




Camera ready copy for 2 color orders must be color separated and set as many up on 8.5x11, 8.5x14 or 11x17 as possible to avoid composition charges.


There needs to be a minimum of a 5/16" white border around the entire image area.  If border is not provided, we will reposition or reduce copy as required. This is the minimum margin needed for gripper/lock-up on our presses. 


We keep all hard copy artwork on file for 5 years (unless you state on your purchase order to return the artwork to you), this includes pasted up artwork, and all electronic artwork indefinitely for easy reorders.

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