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Here are a few of the "nuts & bolts" of the way we do things.
From our standard inks to what we need on your purchase order ...


We offer 21 different ink colors as standards.  Add $10.00 to your total price for of the following inks:


Process Blue               Gray, PMS 430                Magenta, Pantone

Reflex Blue                  Green, Pantone              Pink, PMS 233

Blue, PMS 072             Green, PMS 348              Purple, Pantone

Blue, PMS 300             Green, PMS 354              Violet, Pantone

Teal, PMS 320              Orange, PMS 021           Red, PMS 185

Teal, PMS 327              Burgundy, PMS 201       Red, Rubine

Brown, PMS 160          Burgundy, PMS 221       Red, Warm


Add $30.00 for all other PMS Color Inks not listed above.


We also offer metallic ink colors.  Add $60.00 to the total price. Our metallic ink colors include PMS 871 thru PMS 876 Gold and Silver PMS 877.

Turnaround Times

Standard Orders
  • 3 work days for black or color ink orders (camera ready art)

  • 5 work days for 2-color or perforated/scored orders.

  • 7 work days for booklets or collate & staple orders.


Rush Orders

Rush service is available for orders that must be shipped sooner than our standard turnaround time for a nominal charge. Please call customer service to confirm receipt of purchase order and find out what the fastest delivery time we can offer at that time for an additional rush charge.

Billing & Credit Cards

We accept credit cards for payment.      Click the PDF icon to download the Credit Card Authorization Form. 

Credit with terms can be established by filling out an Application For Credit.   Please click on the icon below.

Our Size Limits

The smallest size job we can produce is 2 x 2 and the largest size we can produce is 11x17 with no bleeds.

Screens must be supplied in art as positive form at the desired density.  Optimum screen is 85 line at 10% or coarser when we are shooting from an original.  If your art is supplied digitally we will reproduce the screen at 120 lpi.

Artwork Requirements

We MUST have 5/16" gripper (blank area) around the form.  This is so that our press operators have the space to be able to "grip" the paper without cutting off any of your form.  If there is not at least the 5/16" gripper customer service and prepress need to know BEFORE proceeding.  


If a 5/16" gripper is not provided we will call or email to see if we can reduce the form to get our gripper.  If you realize that the artwork doesn't have gripper but that it can be reduced you can put this on your PO or email to let us know so that we won't have to contact you and possibly hold up the job.


Scans, .pngs, .jpegs or anything coming off of the internet is a raster file (which prints as pixels and will be bitmapped and not crisp). We prefer to use vector art (clean images created from original art), but with your approval will use the pixilated file.  If the only art that you can email us is a scanned image and you have the hard copy it would be in your best interest to send it to us via snail mail, Fed Ex or UPS.  If the only artwork that you have is the scanned/bitmapped image and it is OK to use as artwork please mention this on your PO or in your email and we won't have to call or hold the job while waiting for an answer.


1/4" or 5/16" holes are standard sizes - Pricing Varies based on # of parts.

Optional  3/8" or 1/2" holes for additonal upcharge to standard drilling.


Perforating / Scoring: 

$10.00 Set up charge per perf/score plus $10.00/m perf/score ($20.00 min)



Up to 7 digit numbers are available with a minimum of 3. No prefix or suffix is available as part of the numbering, it must be part of the camera ready art or we can set and paste in for a minor composition charge of $10.  Minimum size of form to not be hand collated is 4.25x5.5 (anything smaller MUST be hand collated into correct number sequence for an additional cost of $15.00/m).



We can pad any stock in quantities of 10 - 100 sets/sheets. Paper pads will have 1 piece of chipboard as a backer.  Carbonless pads will have two pieces of chipboard (one is the backer and the other is a separator from the rest of the pad). When quoting please be sure to base your quotes on sets/sheets and not pads.



We offer several different folds including: Half Fold, Tri Fold, Z Fold, Double Parallel Fold & some special folds (Call Customer service to see if we can do the fold that you need).




All prices include shrink wrapping in our standard maximum quantities:


500 sheets/pack for 20#, 60# & 70# paper.

250 sets/pack for 2 & 3 Part Carbonless

125 sets/pack for 4 Part Carbonless

100 sets/pack for 5 & 6 Part Carbonless

250 sheets/pack for all Cardstock


Folded orders are bulk packed standard.


$.25/package for any nonstandard packaging quantities.

$.50/package for quantities less than 100 sheets (i.e. 50 sheets of 20# White or 25 sets of 3 Part  Carbonless) 


Folded orders to be shrinkwrapped will have an upcharge of $.50/pack with a maximum of 100 to 250 folded sheets/pack depending on fold type.

Bindery Options Available

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