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Edge Glued Carbonless Forms


Printed exclusively on the original NCR Superior Paper by Appvion.  Each ply is 20# weight.

Printing 1 color, 2 color and now full color!


Full bindery available including numbering, drilling and perfing


Non-standard sequence available in White, Canary, Pink, Gold. Blue & Green paper as well as 105 # Manilla or White Tag.  


Our paper is laser compatible, however there is an upcharge to run laser carbonless 1up.


Cut Sheets

Printing up to 2 colors of ink per side.

Competitive from 250 sheets to 100,000 sheets.


All white papers are printed on Bright White stock (97 Brightness).  We only print on uncoated stocks.

Many Color papers are available in 20# - 70# weights as well as specialty stocks such as 25% Cotton, Astrobrights, Fiber, Parchment, Linen and Laid.

Full bindery available including padding, numbering, drilling, folding and perforating.

Notepads & Rx Pads


We can pad in quantities from 10 to 100 sheets. When quoting please be sure to base your quotes on the number of sheets and not pads.


Rx pads can be printed on Security or Void Paper.  Many states have strict rules so please confirm before ordering.



Size Requirements:

Maximum Finished Size: 8.5x11 booklet

Minimum Finished Size: 8.25x4 booklet


Maximum Number of Sheets:

20 press size sheets which can fold down to 40 pages finished size sheets


Customer may provide a preprinted cover if needed

Cardstock & Labels


Many stocks available including:

90# & 110# Index White & Colors

65# Cover (limited Colors)

65# Astrobrights

65# Parchment

67# & 80# Vellum Bristol

80# Fiber, Linen & Laid 

Door Hangers (8.5x3.67 size only)

60# Crack -n- Peel Labels

(Full set of colors with Fluorescents Available)



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